Guest 3M Technical Judge: Rafal Żmuda

World Wrap Masters Europe 2020 and World Wrap Masters Final 2020 3M Technical Judge

Rafal is a 3M certified trainer and established THE WRAP CENTER - a 3M Authorized training and testing facility located in Poland.

Q&As with Rafal

How long have You been wrapping? 15 years
What’s the coolest item you’ve wrapped? Lamborghini Aventador
What’s the most challenging item you’ve wrapped? Maybe not an item but participating in setting a Car Wrap Guinness World Record was the real challenge with time pressure and thousands people watching it live. But we did it!
What would you like to wrap that you haven’t wrapped yet? I have not wrapped an airplane yet, a tank also seems interesting
How would Your friends describe you in 5 words? Always trying to make things better
What do you like to do when You are not wrapping? I think a lot about education - how to make it easy and simple for the people who want to get into this industry. Other than that I like to spend time in nature.
Interesting fact about you that no-one knows? Actually I am officially a licensed drone pilot.

Rafal's Bio

Twenty one years ago when Rafal has tinted his first car in Canada, that’s when it all started. His journey of window tinting began in 1999 and quickly turned into a full time job. In just few years, he moved to wrapping cars and applying vinyl graphics. In 2005 he moved back to Poland and started his WRAPTOR company that developed from a small garage to one of the top recognized wrapping shops in Poland. Being in the car wrapping industry and getting the experience over the years, his daily job turned into a passion to share the experience with others.

In 2016 Rafal became a 3M Certified trainer and established THE WRAP CENTER - a 3M Authorized training and testing facility located in Poland. Since then Rafal’s goal is to share his knowledge with people around the world and teach, supporting further development of installers’ community. THE WRAP CENTER has gained an opinion of “the place where good get better”. He was thrilled to be invited to join renewed global communities of M.O.B. (Masters of Branding) and THE WRAP INSTITUTE as Endorsed trainer.

Throughout the years, Rafal has been doing shows in multiple locations including SEMA Show in Las Vegas (2016 - 2019); Rema Days (2016-2020; Wrap!t Ring competition judge), 2019 Russian Wrap Masters judge. During the past four years in THE WRAP CENTER, he has trained over 2000 people and certified close to 100 3M Endorsed installers. In the past two years he led numerous trainings in various parts of the world incl. South Africa, Georgia, Ukraine, Dubai, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia.

He is a very open person when it comes to car wrapping and he enjoys finding new solutions with applications of car wrap films.

Check out Rafal's YouTube channel here. 

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