Guest MC - Ole

Ole Solskin
World Wrap Masters Europe 2022

Ole is a tinting and wrapping expert, and owner of Suntint A/S, Denmark

Ole's Bio

Ole is a tinting and wrapping expert, and owner of Suntint A/S, Denmark. He founded his company more than 20 years ago and is now involved in the development of installation techniques. He had wrapped and tinted more than 20,000 cars during his time in the sign business. Ole has travelled all over the world to see different techniques, and has given many training sessions in window tinting and car wrapping. Ole comments: “For me, wrapping is a passion. I always play around with new tools, materials and techniques.

Q&As with Ole

How long have you been wrapping?  Started up 27 years ago with Windowfilm and wrapping  

What’s the coolest item you’ve wrapped? Le Mans race cars  

What’s the most challenging item you’ve wrapped? Hmmmmm…Maybe the Mannequin ( female ) we introduced in the wrap masters for years ago? 

What would you like to wrap that you haven’t wrapped yet? A snowmobile in it’s own element  - that means outdoor in below 30 degrees and in the dark ( and i will do it in Jan. 24-29  2020 at Svalbard ) only to see how it will effect the vinyl , glue and how it is to handle it  generally .

How would your friends describe you in 5 words? Better ask them. but hopefully as a good friend, positive and helpfull 

What do you like to do when you are not wrapping? Familytime , flyfishing and golfing  but most of all doing nothing , that’s why its called OFF. Interesting fact about you that no-one knows?  The russian government see me as a extremist and i will be jailed if i go there, only because im a Jehovas wittness  ( and before you ask  - YES we drink beers !!!  Yes if you lives in my area i will maybe knock on you door )




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