Judge: Carlos Ruiz

Wrap Masters Judge
World Wrap Masters Europe 2020 and World Wrap Masters Final 2020 judge

Carlos Ruiz is an Avery Dennison Speciallist Trainer and Installer.

Q&As with Carlos

How long have you been wrapping? 23 years

What’s the coolest item you’ve wrapped?  An F1 vehicle.

What’s the most challenging item you’ve wrapped? An ATR72 a commercial plane, because of the work conditions,difficulty in the management of the project, preparing the material, etc.

What would you like to wrap that you haven’t wrapped yet? A Space Shuttle (The Sky is the limit)

How would your friends describe you in 5 words? Tenacious, perfectionist, inquiet, very inquiet, curious, dynamic. 

What do you like to do when you are not wrapping? Cooking Paella for friends and family

Interesting fact about you that no-one knows? My mind is always working in something. And usually I make my invents come true. 

Carlos' Bio

Carlos Ruiz is an Avery Dennison Speciallist Trainer & Installer, with more than 23 years of experience in the field of graphics production and wrapping, belongs to the European Network of Avery Dennison Applicators since 2010. Carlos created his own Company in Valencia (Spain) in 2000, carry out different projects in the world of lettering, being a reference in Spanish territory.

His restlessness and passion for his craft has led him to created with his wife Penelope, in the year 2015 their highly efficient Wrap Academy in Spain: Alta Wrapping Academy. To learn more about go to his web: https://altawrappingacademy.com/en/ Carlos heads the workshops and certification program for Avery Dennison in Spain, and teaches hands-on workshops across Spain.

When Carlos finishes his work he spends his time with his wife Penelope and daughter Julia. He loves cooking ‘Paella’ for family and friends, he really enjoy those moments. Friends usually call him “squeege man” or “machine man”.

A really good skill he has (besides wrapping) is that he is kind of an inventor. His mind is always thinking about how to create something and the most surprising thing about it, is that he always gets his goals…so our facilitie is plenty of Carlos’ inventions which usually are very usefull.


World Wrap Masters Europe 2021


Rai Exhibition Centre, Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

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