Judge: Rainer Lorz

World Wrap Masters Europe 2020 and World Wrap Masters Final 2020 judge


Q&As with Rainer

How long have you been wrapping? Since 2003

What’s the coolest item you’ve wrapped? Bobby Car for my son

What’s the most challenging item you’ve wrapped? Airplane

What would you like to wrap that you haven’t wrapped yet? I´m happy with some crazy curves

How would your friends describe you in 5 words?  A Funny, Crazy scientist who never give up

What do you like to do when you are not wrapping? Fly fishing

Interesting fact about you that no-one knows? I do magic

Rainer's Bio

His achievements in his field have made him a pacesetter with significant contributions. Rainer's background as a certified Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer (Wrapping, Tinting, PPF), Avery Dennison Specialist Installer and as an Avery Dennison Specialist Converter have enabled him build a successful career as a renowned trainer.

The journey taken by Rainer started in 2001 with his own business. In 2003, Rainer started with wrapping alone and two years later, integrated tinting in his business. Inspired to grow, the remarkable trainer started doing Wrapping demos and Live Shows on Exhibitions in 2010. His experience in his field set him apart from those around him as a wrapping and tinting trainer in 2014.

Rainer ventured as an Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer for Wrapping in 2016, a move that made him an industry driver. Two years later, Rainer started as an Avery Dennison Specialist Trainer for Tinting and PPF. At this point, he was already a significant force for his industry, therefore qualified to do videos for TWI and even moved to getting a MOB member. An individual inspired to bring the much-needed change in a terminal generation, Rainer is responsible for THE WRAP INSTITUTE in Europe.

When you meet Rainer, you will be impressed with his personal and professional skills. He uses effective and efficient communication, time management, attention to detail and organization, always bringing his best self to work with a positive attitude and a smile in order to get things done.

World Wrap Masters Final 2021


Rai exhibition centre, Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

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