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Andreas Siemens wins the first World Wrap Masters Middle East 2024

Hailing from Germany, Andreas Siemans took home the crown for World Wrap Masters Middle East 2024 which took place at the first FESPA Middle East in Dubai.

Feb 8 2024
By Bea Symmons
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Hailing from Germany, Andreas Siemans took home the crown for World Wrap Masters Middle East 2024 which took place at the first FESPA Middle East in Dubai. 20 wrappers competed in the 3 day competition. Andreas will go on to compete in the World Wrap Masters Final 2024 taking place in Amsterdam at FESPA Global Print Expo from 21st to 22nd March 2024.
The tense competition consisted of 6 knock-out rounds where competitors were tasked with wrapping 2 BMW X6 cars which were supplied by the competition’s vehicle partner BMW AGMC. The competitors were judged not only on their precision and skills but their ability to wrap in the allotted time frame.

During the first day, the competitors were tasked with wrapping a front bumper corner using PPF (provided by Avery Dennison), a front door with printed media (provided by Arlon using the WrapStock exclusive design) and a back fender with Mactac ColourWrap Colour Change vinyl.
16 competitors qualified to the next stage, the second day consisted of 2 rounds where competitors had to wrap a front door and fender with printed media. The vinyl used featured the second design provided by WrapStock and printed by Arlon. During the second round, competitors had to wrap a back fender and back bumper with Mactac’s colour change vinyl. During the creative round, the competitors wrapped children’s cycling helmets using a variety of coloured vinyl. After this round 8 wrappers qualified to compete during the final competition day.
During the third and final day, the remaining 8 wrappers competed in 3 rounds which once again included another creative round where they wrapped a chopper tank with a bin box using colour change vinyl.

The competition was overseen by the judges who are thoroughly experienced industry experts. The judged included Kiss Lajos (Head Judge), Ivan Tenchev (Judge) and Ole Solskin (MC).
Competitors and visitors of the first FESPA Middle East 2024 event were able to also watch informative training and demonstrations offers by The Wrap Institute on all aspects of vinyl application.
During the final day the winner was announced. Andreas Siemens from SFT Performance (Germany) won the title of World Wrap Masters of Middle East 2024. He was closely followed by the World Wrap Masters Europe 2023 champion József Szebeni, from Vill-fény Kft (Hungary), with Simon Jokumsen of Folie fashion (Denmark) coming in third place. Irelands Martynas Bertulis from MB Wrap came in fourth place.
FESPA thanks our sponsors: PPF Partner: Avery Dennison, Colour Change Partner: Mactac, Print Media Partner: Arlon, Design Partner: WrapStock, Vehicle Partner: BMW AGMC, Product Partner: New Line, Learning Partner: The Wrap Institute.

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