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Chalki police go green with Citroën

Mar 8 2022
By Rob Fletcher
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French automotive manufacturer Citroën has teamed up with the Greek government on an environmental initiative aimed at transforming the island of Chalki into a green economy, part of which will see the police switch to using new, planet-friendly vehicles.
The arrangement between Greece’s government, Citroën/Syngelidis Group, Vinci and Akuo Greece will see the island harness electric power in as many ways as possible in order to make Chalki a greener place to live and work.
One part of this will see government organisations on the island begin using electric vehicles wherever possible, with Citroën stepping up to the plate and providing a series of its models for use in the project.
Citroën will supply a total of six fully electric vehicles to the public authorities on the island, namely two Ami to the Police and Coast Guard authorities, respectively, along with two new ë-C4, one ë-Spacetourer to the Municipality of Chalki, and also one ë-Dispatch to the Energy Community of Chalki.
Each of the Citroën vehicles has been kitted out with the relevant branding to match the authority to which they have been supplied.
Among the more eye-catching designs were those featured on the vehicles that have been provided to the Police and Coast Guard. The unusual-looking Ami vehicles were supplied in two colours; the Police in a bright white with a wrap-around blue stripe, and the Coast Guard’s car in almost all-black, with a diagonal blue and grey strip going down the door.
Since being deployed last year, the cars have been busy patrolling the streets of Chalki, spreading the government’s environmental message as they carried out their daily duties around the island.
“We are really glad to collaborate with the Island of Chalki on this exceptional project,” Citroën chief executive Vincent Cobée said. “This collaboration is completely in keeping with the spirit of Citroën, an innovative and daring brand, closely connected with people in their daily lives and their mobility.”
The project will also see Citroën provide the opportunity to residents and businesses across the island to buy zero-emission electric vehicles through a range of green and smart mobility options, from light quadricycle to passenger and commercial vehicles.
“We are committed to making electrification available to everyone and we believe that this is a source of progress within the society. We are very proud to contribute to the transformation of Chalki island into an island which will be autonomous, smart and sustainable,” Cobée said.
“This project will change the lives of a few for now, but this is just the beginning. By helping Chalki to become a  green economy focussed on sustainability, Citroën is paving the way for the future and is showing that electrification is the way forward.”
Polychronis Syngelidis, president of the Syngelidis Group, added: “In line with the goals of reducing the climate footprint, set in the framework of the Action ‘Chalki Green - Smart Island’, we strongly support sensitivity shown by the Greek government, the French embassy and the French business community, and we undertake the task of promoting the zero emissions electric mobility.”
Switching to electric vehicles has been cited as a core action in the battle against climate change, with organisations all around the world making similar moves in a bid to lower their own carbon footprint.
This trend has also been seen in motor-racing with the emergence of Formula E. Though not seen as a replacement for the leading Formula One series, Formula E has emerged as a major event on the motor-racing circuit, using electric-powered cars for its races as opposed to traditional, petrol vehicles.

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