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Don’t just watch. Join, wrap, win!

May 27 2022
By Anna Hurbanic
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Anna Hurbanic from Car Wrapper 3D, a supporting sponsor of World Wrap Masters Europe and World Wrap Masters Final 2022 emphasizes the importance for car wrappers to take part in competitions and the benefits it brings.

I’d always been one of the very little competitive ones as a child, as well as an adult. Don’t take me wrong, I was working hard if I “had to race”, but I was never too much interested in the results of the races. As a dancer, I used to do both performances and competitions, and they meant same to me – give the best of you, people are watching, no matter whether we win or not. The applause and good feeling were my most appreciated reward.

As pandemics closed the dancing venues, I started to do more walks, and then runs. Running became my passion. I try to practice, train, measure, analyze, and improve my technique and speed whenever and wherever I can. I follow experienced people and their advice. I build training plans to improve and be more efficient. I intentionally select running on measured segments on sports app maps to see how I stand against “yesterday myself” and against other runners. I participate at local races, because the people around give me positive energy and valuable know-how. I find new friendships and every race is building me as a runner. I visit and explore new places by and thanks to running. I’ve transformed the energy taken by running into energy I win after every run.

If we just swap the word run into any activity you like, the message would be the same – you improve yourself tremendously when you compete and at the same time you build relationships and networks that are crucial for your life. Sharing the same passion moves people forward and makes our work or hobbies even more pleasurable and valuable.

So do not stand back. Do not just watch. Join competitions, whether local, international, online or in-person. You’ll never loose, even if you would not win or if you finish up the last. Each race will build you as a person and as a professional, so you are winning big time in any case.

For wrapping and vinyl installs, there are plenty of competition possibilities. Start virtual or online contests with least costs, enter your work into awards series by vinyl producers and distributors, show your creative and executive skills. Move on to attending local contests and events, and sooner than you think, you’ll be ready to join the World Wrap Masters and take advantage of all this fantastic people, tips and skills!

Join the World Wrap Masters Europe 2022 competition taking place from 31st May – 1st June at FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 at Messe Berlin, Germany register here. If you would like to visit both the World Wrap Masters Europe and World Wrap Masters Final 2022 competitions and watch training demonstrations from wrap experts register here and use code WWMV22 to receive a 30 euros discount.  

Source Information: This article has been written by Anna Hurbanic from Car Wrapper 3D & Coloreal™. Car Wrapper 3D team organizes a Facebook LIVE-based online wrap contest Global Car Wrapper Awards (GCWA) – entries through the mobile application.

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