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Hollywood actor, Wesley Snipes gets eye-catching custom wrapped motorbike

Nov 30 2021
By Rob Fletcher
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Oklahoma-based electric motorcycle company BOOM! Moto linked up with Hollywood film star Wesley Snipes to create a custom wrapped motorcycle based on his character in the recently released title ‘Coming 2 America’.
A sequel to the incredibly popular 1988 hit film ‘Coming to America’, the movie saw most of the cast from the first film reunite for the Amazon Original title, produced exclusively for Amazon Prime.
Stars included Eddie Murphy, who reprised his role as Prince Akeem Joffer of the fictional African nation of Zamunda, alongside James Earl Jones and Arsenio Hall. Snipes joined the cast for the first time to take on the role of General Izzi.
To celebrate Snipes’ appearance in the film, BOOM! Moto arranged for a 100% electric motorcycle to be wrapped with a design inspired by his character in the film.

Jeff Holley, the owner and chief executive of BOOM! Moto, contacted Snipes in March 2021, prior to the launch of the film to discuss the idea of the custom bike wrap. Following the success of the film, which Amazon said had the best opening weekend of any streaming film since March of the previous year, the wrap project went ahead.
BOOM! Moto partnered up with local marketing agency PDG+creative to create the art and produce the graphic for the bike.
The final design had a number of striking features, including an image of Snipes’ character in the film firing a machine gun. Other aspects of the wrap included a snakeskin-style colourful pattern running along the top of the bike, as well as text promoting the hashtag #izziedoesit.
Snipes said he was delighted with the final look of the bike and said it perfectly reflected his character in the film.
“If you're gonna do it, do it 'Izzi style' and make it go BOOM,” Snipes said.
The bike itself was an #electric EMB-R3 motorcycle that does not require oil or gas, nor does it have a clutch. The motorcycle has a top speed of 90mph and has a maximum range of up to 100 miles before it requires charging.
The custom electric bike was later raffled off in a special sweepstake, open to fans across the US.

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