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Luis Carlos Ramirez wins World Wrap Masters Mexico 2023

Luis Carlos Ramirez from Extreme Toys won the title of World Wrap Master of Mexico 2023. Luis competed against 15 other competitors at FESPA Mexico 2023 in Mexico City and will compete at the World Wrap Masters Final 2024.

Sep 6 2023
By Kelley-Ann Young Kong
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The World Wrap Masters Mexico 2023 took place from 17th – 19th August at FESPA Mexico 2023. The competition brought together 16 wrappers from Mexico and Latin Ameira who competed across 3 days. The competition was sponsored by HEXISArlon And LDM, with the main sponsor being Avance y Tecnologia. The competition was judged by industry experts Carlos Ruiz and Penelope Garrido from Spain who critically analysed the competitors skills, quality of wrapping and how long they took to wrap each item.

The wrappers competed across 3 rounds where they wrapped vehicles which included a Bajaj Dominar 400cc motor bike with printed vinyl and were also tasked with wrapping children’s chair during a creative round.

After these rounds, Luis Carlos Ramirez from Extreme Toys from Mexico won first place. Antonio Ramirez from The Lab Esmeralda from Mexico came in second, Leonardo Ramirez from RcWrappers from Mexico came in third and Andres Otalvaro from Madewraps from Colombia came in fourth place.

Luis commented: “The level of the competition this year was incredibly high, the rounds were challenging, and the judges were very fair in their critiques to the competitors. All my fellow competitors were very good, they met my expectations and demonstrated their impressive skills, it was a brutal competition. Winning the World Wrap Masters Mexico 2023 was such an achievement for me and I am incredibly excited. It makes me very happy that I was able to win this at such a young age!

As the winner of the competition, Luis has qualified and will compete at the World Wrap Masters Final 2024 taking place at FESPA Global  Print Expo 2024 from 21st – 22nd March in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Luis will compete against other winners from regional competitions where they will compete to be crowned the World Wrap Master of 2024.

Luis commented: “It makes me feel rather emotional that I will be able to compete at the World Wrap Masters Final, it provides me the opportunity to represent my country of Mexico. I will be able to compete against the best wrappers in the world, I know it will not be easy but I will try my very best during the competition!”

The World Wrap Masters Final is the elite competition where the winners of the regional World Wrap Masters competition come together from all over the world to compete for the title of World Wrap Masters Champion 2024. For more information on the competition please visit here. FESPA Global Print Expo 2024 is Europe’s leading print and signage exhibition attracts the world’s leaders in the industry to showcase their latest technology and developments. For more information on the event and to register your interest visit here.

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