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Maria Terp Holt is crowned winner of World Wrap Masters Denmark 2022

May 5 2022
By FESPA Staff
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The World Wrap Masters Denmark’s first competition took place at Audi Fredericia from 22nd – 23rd April 2022 and was organised by FESPA Denmark. 12 competitors took part and for the first time in a European competition there was an equal number of both men and women competitors, as usually these competitions are very male dominated. This was a welcomed and positive surprise, 2 of the competitors were technician students.

Image caption: judges from left to right: Ole Solskin, Marie Raun Knudsen and Jesper Sølager

Competitors had to choose the foil they wanted to use in the competition from one of the competitions 4 sponsors, which included Vikiallo, Signcom, Hexis and Antalis. The wrappers were guided by experienced judge and wrap expert, Ole Solskin Ravn from Suntint. The competition featured various rounds which included a front fender and a door which had to be wrapped on two new Audi Q4 e-tron . There were also creative rounds where competitors had to wrap a unique and unusual item. Wrappers were judged by 3 judges including wrap expert Ole Solskin Ravn, Jesper Sølager from Sunwrap and Marie Raun Knudsen from GRAKOM. The judged selected the 4 best wrappers who then advanced to the semi-finals that consisted of 2 men and 2 women.

The Creative Round

Image caption: wrapped coffee tins

During the creative round the competitors had to wrap a unique item whilst simultaneously making them as creative as possible. This year, the task was to wrap a coffee can for racing driver, Tom Kristensen. Tom Kristensen chose his favourite coffee can which he thought was the most aesthetically pleasing and awarded the winner of the creative round a signed book.

Final Day

Image caption: Maria Terp Holt in the process of wrapping

After the semi-final, 3 wrappers competed in the final which included Simon Manley Jokumsen from Foliefashion, Maria Terp Holt from BW & Madsen Skilt Reklame and Filip Sørensen from Profolie. They were given 1 hour and 20 minutes to decorate an entire side of the Audi cars.

History was made

Image caption: winner of World Wrap Masters Denmark 2022 Maria Terp Holt with her Trophy

After the final 3 wrappers had finished wrapping, the judges made their decision. Niels Rask, the Chairman of FESPA Denmark and owner of NS System, who presented the trophy to the happy and surprised winner, Maria Terp Holt from BW & Madsen Skilt Reklame. Maria is the second women to win a national Wrap Masters competition in the last few years, Sara Katila won Wrap Masters Finland back in 2020. We hope to see more women compete in the Wrap Masters competitions as usually these competitions are dominated by men.

Maria has qualified and will compete at the World Wrap Masters Final 2022 at FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 in Messe Berlin from 2nd – 3rd June. To visit and watch the best wrappers in the world at the World Wrap Masters Europe and World Wrap Masters Final 2022 register here.

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