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Miguel Huitzil takes the World Wrap Masters Mexico 2019 crown

Sep 17 2019
By FESPA Staff
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Miguel Huitzil of VinilArt and Minilab was crowned the winner of the World Wrap Masters Mexico 2019 during FESPA Mexico 2019 which took place from 22nd August – 24th August.

The annual competition measures quality, speed, technique and creativity of the competitors and has become one of the focal points of FESPA events and this year was no exception.

Not only was the competition a success, receiving more than 280 applications in less than 24 hours. But in addition, the competition featured 40 competitors who demonstrated their best vehicle wrapping skills.
Miguel comments: "I have competed in the World Wrap Masters Mexico 5 times now, and to be crowned the winner this year just goes to show that trying year after year paid off! Each year when I compete, I always learn something new from the other competitors and my peers.”

Caption: First place, Miguel Huitzil. Second place, Ivan Guadarrama. Third place, Eduardo Muñiz.

As part of his win, Miguel Huitzil will travel to Spain next year and perform in the World Wrap Master Finals 2020 that will take place alongside FESPA Madrid 2020. Miguel added: "I intend to prepare as thoroughly as possible and I hope to achieve a good position in the final next year.”

Finally, Miguel Huitzil gave his tips to those who are interested in participating in the coming years, details that he believes made a difference and helped him win this year. He comments: "Don't scratch the car! That's very important and it is crucial that competitors learn to use Knifless, that will help them a lot to move forward, because it really is a very good tool. Using Knifless makes it faster to lay vinyl. That's the only advice I would give, because all the competitors are very good, and I've learned a lot from them. But the best thing for future competitors would be that they use Knifless and not scratch the cars."


Like every year, the competition featured surprise objects that had to be wrapped.  This year, little guitars and cars for children had to be wrapped. In addition, car doors were wrapped in the first round and an entire car during the final round.

The guitars and children's cars were donated to the Xavi Razo Foundation for children with cancer, from the Mexican, former NASCAR runner and cancer survivor, Xavi Razo. "We want to thank FESPA Mexico infinitely for its solidarity and great heart," the Foundation posted on its social networks.

We appreciate the participation of our sponsors who made it possible to have such a successful event for the 9th year. Our sponsors include Arlon, Dalton with Honda Accord, Roland, Wrapstock, Steinel cars with the heat guns, Yellotools and Prodigyo.

World Wrap Masters is the only competition of its kind in Mexico and the first in Latin America.

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