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Ready for the NFL kick-off with Pepsi

Soft drinks giant Pepsi launched a special campaign to mark the launch of the 2022 National Football League (NFL) season, offering fans across the US the chance to win a truly unique prize.

Oct 27 2022
By Rob Fletcher
Category Feature
Soft drinks giant Pepsi launched a special campaign to mark the launch of the 2022 National Football League (NFL) season, offering fans across the US the chance to win a truly unique prize.
The ‘Pepsi 18 Week Pack’ is a tiny home that gave one lucky fan the opportunity to live in for all 18 weeks of the NFL season, which kicked off in early September and runs through to Super Bowl LVII in February next year.
The home takes the form of a luxury trailer, with the winner able to tow it around to all sorts of locations, allowing them to share their experience with friends and family, or even take it on the road to NFL games to enjoy the pre- and post-game festivities.
To enter, all fans needed to do was purchase two 12-packs of any Pepsi flavour through Instacart and save their receipt before receiving an automated SMS message to enter the sweeps.
The Pepsi 18 Week Pack was wrapped with a solid black background, in front of which is an oversized can of Pepsi Zero Sugar. The wrap covers the entire trailer, including the glass doors and windows, giving an all-over feel.
The covering of doors and windows also ensured the privacy of those inside, with people passing by not able to sneak a peek at the goodies within. However, the technology of the vinyl used for the job meant fans inside could still see out of the windows, with the film allowing natural light to pass through into the home.
Featured inside the home is the ‘Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV’, a curated viewing area with a cutting-edge 55' 4K LED screen and 16-can built-in refrigerator, while two stadium speakers make fans feel like they are right in the end zone.
Other features include stadium-style seats atop vibrant green turf to help replicate the feel of being at a game, while a football-shaped ottoman makes it easy for fans to store all of their essential game supplies such as condiments, dips, hotdogs and wings.
Fans worried about games running into overtime can stay put in the Pepsi 18 Week Pack as it is equipped with a full-sized Murphy bed with sheets, pillows, throws. When not in use, the bed can be pulled up to reveal the stadium-style seating area.
In addition, the Pepsi 18 Week Pack features full-sized lockers packed full with NFL gear, a washer/dryer, a full bath and even a loft with an open layout, featuring an additional TV area.
“With the new NFL season getting underway, we knew we had to show up for football fans with new ways to innovate around their football watching experience,” Pepsi’s chief marketing officer Todd Kaplan said.
“Tapping into the 'Tiny Home' phenomenon – something that is typically a shrine to minimalism – we turned a pack of Pepsi into a truly immersive experience of unapologetic football fandom, tricking it out from the floor to the ceiling with the best possible football watching experience. 
“With the launch of our Pepsi 18 Week Pack, we are excited to expand upon the various football viewing innovations we have launched over the years – from the Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV to the Pepsi Turkeytron – as we are always looking for new ways to help fans enjoy their football watching more unapologetically. 
“The Pepsi 18 Week Pack is outfitted with turf carpet, field-goal themed décor, a football shaped ottoman to heat and store your favourite eats, a Pepsi Gametime Fridge TV, bleacher seats, and so much more - all right at one lucky fan's fingertips, beside a season long supply of ice-cold Pepsi Zero Sugar. It truly is unlike anything else.”

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