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Social media marketing options for wrappers: where to start?

One of the most effective tools of promoting your business and showcasing what you can do. We take a closer look at social media marketing and the options available to wrappers.

Mar 30 2023
By Rob Fletcher
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Though still a relatively new concept in the grand scheme of things, social media is now a hugely important part of the modern marketing mix. If your business does not have some sort of presence on at least one of the main social media platforms, then you risk missing out on valuable exposure to potential customers around the world.

When it comes to wrapping, certain platforms may be of greater value than others, but it will depend on the type of marketing you want to do. LinkedIn is much more formal and targeted at professional discussions, but incredibly useful for linking with other business, whereas Instagram is very relaxed and focused on images rather than being text-heavy.

Here, we round up the main marketing options across the core social media platforms and look at how you can use these to showcase your abilities to a wider audience. 

Caption: Instagram can be hugely important for visually-focused businesses

Picture perfect

When it comes to wrapping and vehicle graphics, and indeed the print industry as a whole, it is all about the final look of an application. With this in mind, Instagram and its image-heavy platform is probably a good place to start.

While many people see Instagram as a platform to post pretty pictures of their coffee, lunch or kids, it is in fact an incredibly useful, and cheap, way of showing off your skills. By setting up a business page for free, you can post everything from pictures of finished wraps to videos of your team applying graphics to a vehicle.

A quick glance at the Instagram for Business page throws up a number of interesting stats such as that 90% of Instagram users follow at least one business and that 70% of people like or do not mind adverts while watching videos, opening up even more options alongside posting pictures and videos.

“Instagram is where tastemakers lead the creation of culture, break ground in new territories and take what already exists in unexpected directions,” Instagram said. “Now’s the time for your business to join the action and try something new. Elevate your brand with effective solutions to grow your businesses.”

Stand-out features on Instagram include Reels, where users can upload short videos to tell stories or show off highlights, and Stories where you can post videos or pictures to either tell a story or provide updates.

All this is in addition to the main Instagram post page, where you can add an image or video with text giving more information. You can of course add the obligatory hashtags and tag partners and clients to help create more conversation.

“With a range of storytelling tools all in one place, you can express your brand more meaningfully and push creative boundaries,” Instagram said.

Caption: Facebook Business has all sorts of useful tools and features

Talk the talk

Next up is Twitter, which bills itself on its Twitter Business page as the “number one platform for discovery”. While many use Twitter for catching up on the latest news and seeing what their favourite celebrities are up, it is also incredibly valuable for businesses.

“The power of the platform comes straight from our audience — the brave, the bold, and the game-changers,” Twitter said. “Expand your reach and connect with your niche superfans, from #DogTwitter to #SportsTwitter and everything in-between, through our highly-specific, interest-based targeting.

“Twitter is the home of all real-time trends. Join in discussions on topics that matter to you most, stay up to date on breaking news and popular events, and tap into buzzing new hashtags. Stay culturally relevant, and connect with new interests and new audiences.

“People go to Twitter to discover what’s new, and brands who show them something new break through the noise and make a monumental impact. Launch your new product, sale, partnership, or exciting update on Twitter to build and grow your brand.”

One of the stand-out features on Twitter is the Twitter Ads option, where you have the option to run targeted advertising campaigns focused on certain audiences, industries and regions. Tweets can be built and sent out at set times with key hashtags to ensure you are capturing the attention of those that matter the most.

“We know that everyone’s needs are unique,” Twitter said. “From big-budget agencies managing multiple clients to influencers trying to grow their brands, there’s a Twitter Ads solution that’s right for you.

“You can cuild a tailored campaign around your goals, audiences, and budget.”

The Social Network

Regarded by many as the OG of social media, Facebook can also be useful for businesses that are looking to draw interest in their services and products. Operating as part of the Meta network, which also owns Instagram, Facebook offers specialist business pages that can be complemented with adverts to showcase your company

“Connections can take your business anywhere,” Facebook said. “Create your personalised plan and meet the tools, insights and resources from Meta that help you turn connections into opportunity. Move your business forward with inspiration, insights, and resources picked just for you.”

Caption: Businesses have a number of social media platforms at their disposal
There are a whole host of special features available on Facebook, including the ability to set up a shop and sell your products to customers either in the country where you are based or on a global basis. You can also post plenty of interesting pictures and videos of some of the work you have done, tagging partners and customers in the process, as well as speak with clients via a free online messaging service that is available 24/7.

Perhaps most importantly, your Facebook business page will feature all the important information that customers need to know about your business, operating almost like a mini web page for your company. From your actual website address, email and phone number, to opening hours and ratings, all of this is easily accessible on your page.

In addition, the Facebook Business page includes a number of useful article to make sure you are using all of its tools to their best abilities.

Linking in

Finally, LinkedIn may be a bit more business-ey and professional but is equally important in the marketing mix. In addition to connecting with key personnel at other companies, here you can create promotional posts that will be targeted at certain audiences to help you reach out to the right sort of people – bolstering you brand awareness in the process.

“Build long-term relationships with the world's largest professional audience, drive results with sophisticated B2B targeting, and work with a partner who respects the B2B world you operate in,” LinkedIn said. “With LinkedIn, you're choosing a partner that understands your world and has the right audience, network, and intelligence to make B2B mean even more for your business.”

Setting up a page for your business would be here for the best place to start. Add in your key information and connect with your staff and customers to ensure they are being kept up to date with the latest goings on at the company. From here, you can publish long-form posts or link to other pages that may be of interest to followers.

The LinkedIn advertising page is also one of the most in-depth on the internet, offering all sorts of insights into how your paid-for adverts are performing. How many clicks do they have? Where are people clicking from? Are these clicks converting into website visits? All of this information is readily available on the backend of your profile.

Add in the ability to post job vacancies and all sorts of other features, and LinkedIn should be a key part of your marketing mix.

Simply put, you need to have a good social media presence to really succeed in the modern market. You don’t need to throw thousands of pounds, euros or dollars at this, but you should ensure your information if up to date and you are posting regularly to get the most out of your accounts.

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