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Tips and guidance for vehicle wrap training

Ensuring your staff are fully trained in vehicle wrapping is of paramount importance. Here, we speak with a number of providers to find out more about the training and educational options available in the sector.

Jun 19 2023
By Rob Fletcher
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No matter how experienced you are in something, there is no harm in learning about how you can enhance your skills. This is especially applicable to vehicle wrapping, due to the number of new materials and tools that come to market on a regular basis.
The only way you are going to ensure both you and your staff can work with these products and get the best out of new solutions is to invest in training. Working with expert educators can boost your knowledge and allow you to deliver higher quality work.
With this in mind, we speak with two leading suppliers about the training options available to wrappers…
 Caption: Hexis training courses are available all year round

Essential to remain efficient

First up is Hexis, which supplies a wide range of wrapping materials to the market. Camille Mosler, head of communications and PR at Hexis, said that as the adhesive film market is constantly evolving through innovative products with specific technical characteristics and increasingly efficient application techniques, wrappers need to keep up.
“Besides practice, regular training helps to develop technical skills and to learn how to handle more efficient and more technical products,” Mosler said. “It also allows to diversify offered activities and ensure their proper development.

Caption: ​‘Hex-perts’ are certified trainers who provide courses at Hexis
“Training is not just important; it is essential to remain efficient and to be a recognised actor on the market.”
Mosler went on to say that simply relying exclusively on their own experience will not allow wrappers to open themselves up to new techniques arriving on the market, which often allow them to become more efficient.
“Not training means not evolving, and the risk is to become uncompetitive on the market in the long-term,” Mosler said. “Mastering several products and different techniques ensures customer satisfaction and limits returns and dissatisfaction.”
So, how can Hexis help? Mosler said the increasing technical nature of Hexis adhesive films is combined with the need to provide technical assistance to products users, including professionals working in the field of advertising and signage, covering companies, car fleet specialists and other markets.
Caption: Avery offers refreshed wrapping courses specifically designed for commercial and customisation specialists

“With a dozen training courses in the catalogue, the public, whether novice or experienced, will find an adapted response in very specific working areas,” Mosler said.
“Hex-perts, certified Hexis trainers who provide the courses, are experts in their field. With their active pedagogy and long-standing expertise, they teach the trainees how to achieve high quality services through small sessions and personalised support.”
“Hexis training courses are available all year round and can be accessed anywhere in the world. They are well recognised and appreciated, our trainees have given us a 96% overall satisfaction rating based on satisfaction survey administered at the end of the training.”

Provide the best possible service

Another supplier that is a strong advocate of training is Avery Dennison. Maryna Bilanchuk, marketing communications manager for Graphics Solutions EMENA, said continuing training is crucial for wrappers to stay updated on the latest tips, tricks, materials, and techniques.
“The field of wrapping is constantly evolving, with new products and methods being introduced regularly,” Bilanchuk said. “By participating in training programs, wrappers can stay informed about the advancements in the industry, ensuring they provide the best possible service and quality jobs to their clients.
“Additionally, training provides an opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, which can lead to valuable connections and collaborations.”
By remaining static in their knowledge and skills, Bilanchuk warned wrappers may become outdated and less efficient over time. This, Bilanchuk said, can result in a decline in the quality of their work, as they may rely on outdated methods or lack awareness of newer, more effective materials.
“Moreover, customers may then look to seek out wrappers who are well-versed in the latest technologies, potentially leading to a loss of business for those who do not keep up with industry advancements,” Bilanchuk said.
Bilanchuk went on to say that Avery Dennison offers comprehensive training programs to support the professional development of wrappers. The company provides refreshed wrapping courses specifically designed for commercial and customisation specialists.
“Our courses include Wrapping I Essentials (commercial), Wrapping II Advanced (colour change), and the new Wrapping III Masters, which is coming soon,” Bilanchuk said. “In addition, we offer training courses focused on specific areas such as Automotive Window Film and Paint Protection Film.
“For installers in the architectural industry, we provide a range of training courses such as Facade film, Architectural Window Film and training courses tailored to their needs.”
To ensure quality standards and promote best practices, Bilanchuk said Avery Dennison also offers wrapping accreditation audits. These audits assess both the skills and techniques of wrappers, helping them enhance their abilities and maintain industry standards.

“We are committed to continuously expanding our training portfolio to meet the evolving needs of the industry,” Bilanchuk said. “For the most up-to-date information on our training offer, we recommend visiting our website where you can find detailed information about course data, prices and registration processes.”
 To put it simply, skimp on training at your own risk. The only way to learn more about the latest technologies and techniques is to get expert, first-hand advice from those in the know. Attending sessions run by specialists, such as those at Hexis and Avery Dennison, will help you keep track of the latest development and capitalise on new solutions.

Main image caption: Avery Dennison also offers wrapping accreditation audits

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