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Unwrapping Excellence with Arlon’s Premium Color Change Films: A Champion’s Perspective

Mar 14 2024
By Arlon Graphic MENA
In the world of vehicle wrapping and graphic installations, few names carry as much weight and respect as Piotr Ciński’s, Director of Technical Solutions, Arlon Graphics EMEA. Crowned the Global Wrap Cup Masters Champion in 2013 in London, Piotr’s journey to the top of this highly competitive field is a testament to skill, precision, and innovation. His secret weapon? The unparalleled performance of Arlon’s Premium Color Change (PCC) films.
The Road to Victory
The Wrap Cup Masters competition, which took off at FESPA 2010 in Munich, has become a battleground for the world’s most talented vehicle wrappers. Piotr Ciński, hailing from Poland, emerged victorious in 2013 after a grueling competition against 20 elite artists from around the globe. “Winning the title of World Champion in the Wrap Cup Masters has made my dreams come true,” Ciński reflects. His success not only underscores his exceptional skills but also highlights the role of high-quality materials in achieving wrapping excellence.
The Arlon Difference
What sets Arlon’s PCC films apart in a market flooded with alternatives? The answer lies in its cutting-edge features designed to meet and exceed the demands of professional installers. Arlon’s commitment to innovation is evident in its FLITE Technology®, a game-changer for the industry. This lite contact system revolutionizes the application process, allowing graphics to effortlessly float over a substrate until firm pressure is applied. This not only makes the wrapping process faster and cleaner but also turns complex wraps into a one-person job.
Beyond Technology: The Aesthetic Appeal
Arlon’s PCC films don’t just lead the pack in terms of installation ease and efficiency; they also dazzle with an array of eye-catching colors available in gloss, matte, and satin finishes. The inclusion of a specially adapted PET protective film in the gloss finishes ensures the maximum gloss level is maintained, protecting the vehicle not just from the elements but also from the eyes of envious onlookers.
Piotr Ciński, with his champion’s insight, can attest to the difference Arlon’s PCC films make. “Arlon’s PCC is, without a doubt, the best color change film on the market,” says Ciński. “Its ultra-conformability, combined with the smooth finish provided by the engineered liner with invisible air channels, has made installations not just easier but also more satisfying.”
Wrapping Up the Future
As Arlon continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of vehicle wraps, their sponsorship of the World Wrap Masters at FESPA, particularly the PCC category, stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence in the industry. Through collaboration with top-tier installers like Piotr Ciński and a dedication to solving installer pain points, Arlon is not just a part of the vehicle wrapping community; it is helping to lead it into the future.
For professionals looking to elevate their work or for enthusiasts seeking to transform their vehicles, Arlon’s Premium Color Change films offer the perfect blend of quality, performance, and aesthetic appeal. As Piotr Ciński’s journey demonstrates, with the right materials and a passion for perfection, the road to success is beautifully wrapped.
Ready to Explore More?
Dive deeper into the world of unmatched quality and performance. Visit pcc.arlon.com to learn more about Arlon's Premium Color Change films and discover how you can elevate your projects to champion levels. Don’t just wrap, transform with Arlon’s PCC films – where excellence and innovation meet on every curve.

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