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WrapGear shares their top 10 wrap tools

Apr 29 2019
By Roger Danen
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WrapGear.nl is an online shop with tools for professional car wrappers, window tinters, paint protection installers and sign makers.

WrapGear supplies A-quality brands such as 3M, Avery, WrapGlove, SuperGlove, MonkeyStrips, Banana buffers, Steinel, POD steamer, Tint Hozilla, Fusion Tint Tools, STEK PPF, Tri-edge, BladeCage, SoakShield, Magstrapz, Bernzomatic, Equalizer and many more.

WrapGear’s Top 10 Wrap Tools:

  1. Wrapgloves of WrapGlove and SuperGlove
  2. Squeegee buffers of MonkeyStrips and banana buffers
  3. Steinel heat guns with adjustable temperature and a long cord.
  4. Olfa and NT cutter knives with refillable breaking knives.
  5. Tajima measuring tapes.
  6. Steel foil racks in different models and sizes.
  7. Wrap magnets
  8. POD Pressure on demand steamer for cleaning and applying / shaping chrome vinyl and PPF.
  9. Knifeless tape, cuts any form without a knife.

WrapGear is a supporting sponsor at the World Wrap Masters Europe 2019 and the World Wrap Masters Finals 2019. Make sure you register here and use promo code FESH904 for free entry. The World Wrap Masters presents the opportunity to network with professional wrap heroes, discuss the technical aspects of wrapping, attend training workshop demos and support contestants in their fight for the world title. 

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