22 Jan 2024

World Wrap Masters Netherlands returns

The World Wrap Masters series returns to the Netherlands from 30th January to 1st February 2024. The competition will take place at the famous Auto Prof 2024 exhibition [...]

21 Dec 2023

World Wrap Masters coming to Dubai in 2024

The World Wrap Masters series is set to take in Dubai in January 2024. The competition will be taking place on the 29th-31st of January at FESPA Middle [...]

12 Dec 2023

Winning Formula – Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 opens up on Epson partnership

Due to reduced printing demands when the race team were offsite every other week, we started to offer our services to external [...]

22 Nov 2023

Setting sail on an environmentally friendly challenge

Nick Hollis, who previously worked as a sales and business manager at HP, recently linked up with his old employer to support him on an epic challenge &ndash [...]

16 Oct 2023

Common mistakes to avoid in vehicle wrapping

It is no secret that vehicle wrapping is an incredibly tricky and testing line of work. One small error can lead to the entire job failing and having to start the piece all over again, which in [...]

4 Oct 2023

Bilal Usmanov wins World Wrap Masters Sweden 2023

14 wrappers competed against one another; the competitors were challenged to a series of rounds where they were tasked with wrapping a Mercedes Vito sliding [...]

12 Sep 2023

Snowmobile wrap is too cool for school

Wrapping cars and vans is tricky enough for even the most talented wrappers, but when it comes to more unorthodox vehicles with all manner of angles and edges, this task is even tougher.

8 Sep 2023

World Wrap Masters Sweden 2023 returns

The World Wrap Masters Sweden returns and is set to take place in Stockholm, Sweden. This year it will be at the famous Sign & Print Scandinavia Expo. The competition will be taking place [...]

7 Sep 2023

Hiroki Kawakami becomes World Wrap Master of Japan for the third consecutive year

The World Wrap Masters took place in Osaka, Japan on 14th June 2023 and featured some fierce competition. The competition took place at the Osaka Nanko ATC Centre and organised in [...]

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