Norman Brübach

How long have you been wrapping? I've been Wrapping vor 12 Jeans Now.

What’s your favourite tool?  I Love to work a special made arm belt for my knife an stuff :D

What’s the coolest or most challenging thing you have ever wrapped? It has been a Special film konstruction from 2 different Labels, the car needs to be perfect an the film was a horror to work with. But I did it :D

What is the one item that you have not wrapped yet, that you would like to? A Rolls Rolls Phantom I wold love to do

Who is your wrapping hero? Manfred Hunold

What 5 words would your friend use to describe you?  Weasel, helpful, athletic, kind, midget

What do you like to do when you are not wrapping? I Love Climbing, Bouldering, Surfing, Longbard an o lot of board sport.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that people don’t know. I Love to sleep outside, even in my garden I got an outside bed wehre I love to sleep when the weather is not to bad.

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