Pim Van Grootel

How long have you been wrapping?
About 10 years soon.

What’s your favourite tool?
The wrap stick flex - Gold from yellotools :) and probably more i haven't discovered yet.

What’s the coolest or most challenging thing you have ever wrapped?
I think every project i'm working on is interesting. But wrapping an entire car in fake grass might have been the coolest! It was probably the most challenging and interesting item I have wrapped so far.

What is the one item that you have not wrapped yet, that you would like to?
I haven't wrapped a helicopter yet, that's still top of my list of items to wrap! 

Who is your wrapping hero?
Not sure :(, so far i've only looked up some video's from the wrap institute. So it's mainly Justin Pate i know of. 

What 5 words would your friend use to describe you?
Helpful, quiet but not always, hard working, a thinker, That's 4 :)

What do you like to do when you are not wrapping?
I enjoy spending time with my girlsfriend and 2 kids :). I also enjoy dancing, and making music!

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