10 Nov 2022

London pays tribute with TfL Remembrance Day wraps

Transport for London (TfL) produced a series of special vinyls and graphics for its various vehicles as part of its tribute for this year’s Remembrance Day.
The [...]

9 Nov 2022

Going green with vehicle wraps

No matter what industry you are operating in or the type of work you are doing, there is no escaping the importance of sustainability in the modern world. The challenge for businesses of all [...]

27 Oct 2022

Ready for the NFL kick-off with Pepsi

Soft drinks giant Pepsi launched a special campaign to mark the launch of the 2022 National Football League (NFL) season, offering fans across the US the chance to win a truly unique prize [...]

26 Oct 2022

Setting the trends in vehicle wrapping

Whether it’s adding a special effect to a vehicle wrap or simply having the ability to match the green demands of your customer, there are plenty of key trends to keep an eye out for in [...]

26 Oct 2022

A printers guide to car wrapping

For several years, there has been an ongoing argument about whether car wrapping is a part of modern-day advertising or just a decorative process with the target audience being car lovers [...]

25 Oct 2022

Top 20 Vehicle Graphics Applications of 2021

Vehicle graphics remains one of the most popular markets in the wider print and signage industry, with all sorts of weird and wonderful applications coming out of this area during 2021.

25 Oct 2022

Innovative Car Wrapping Trends - what to consider when creating a car wrap design

When vinyl wraps were invented, it was very fashionable and popular, but it wasn't widely used because it was so expensive. Car wraps became more widely available in the 1950s when they [...]

18 Oct 2022

Antonio Ramirez wins World Wrap Masters Mexico 2022

World Wrap Masters Mexico returned at FESPA Mexico 2022 during in September at Citibanamex Center in Mexico City. The competition featured 16 competitors and measured the quality, technique [...]

17 Oct 2022

Share your skills at WrapFest 2023

WrapFest 2023, the brand-new vinyl installation and vehicle wrapping event from FESPA, is inviting wrap pros to apply to speak at its first ever event. The event, which will take place from [...]

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